KRA/CTWorks Launches Fundraiser

Staff from the North Central Region’s KRA/CTWorks Program have set a goal to raise $3,000 for the Hartford area United Way 2012 Fundraising Campaign.  Kimberly Staley, KRA Program Director reported, “The United Way’s contribution to our community is incredible.  They operate the 2-1-1 public assistance phone line, and last year responded to more than 340,000 calls representing more than 450,000 requests for assistance.  They sponsor early childhood education programs, assist more than 1,200 people with intellectual challenges to live independently, and through their Summer extended-day learning programs help students to improve performance in 90% of the subjects they study.”

Karen Brown, KRA Deputy Program Director, commented “Also, they assist individuals in filing tax returns, provide breast-cancer screenings, and educate people on how to prevent Diabetes.  We cannot think of a more worthy cause to support, especially with Thanksgiving and other Holidays approaching… times when many people need even a little more help.”

To accomplish the goal, staff from the four KRA/CTWorks offices have devised several unique “fun-raising” activities, which began 2 weeks ago, and will continue through December 14, 2012.  A couple of events will culminate in the naming of team and individual fundraising winners, who will be revealed at the end of the campaign.  Updates on progress made toward the goal will be reported over the next couple of months.