KRA/CTWorks Establishes Community Portal Program

The Johnson Stewart Community Center (JSCC), located in the heart of a high-poverty area of Hartford’s north end, is the site of a new KRA/CTWorks initiative…a community-based program that provides much-needed workforce development services. Through the “Portal” program, Robert Cauley, KRA/CTWorks Job Developer, and JSCC staff will assist residents with accessing valuable services and resources available to them, such as Capital Workforce Partners’, KRA’s client, youth programs, and CTWorks’ career readiness, employment, and training services for adults. Training workshops on resume-writing, workplace-readiness, advanced job-searching techniques, interviewing skills, and networking will be offered right there at the JSCC facility. For more intense and/or long-term training and employment services, eligible residents will be referred to the Hartford KRA/CTWorks office where they can avail themselves of a variety of resources, including WIA training, and the Jobs First Employment Service, Jobs Funnel, and/or Ex-Offender programs. Cauley stated, “The goal of the ‘Portal’ program is to establish a strong relationship between the JSCC community and CTWorks, including a regular schedule so residents know exactly when they could come and receive services.”