KRA/CTWorks Enfield Hosts Dignitaries for Open House

For the 3rd month in a row, KRA/CTWorks, in the North Central Region of Connecticut, was selected for an Open House Roundtable attended by local and State dignitaries.  On April 8, 2013, Joseph Courtney, U.S. Representative (D, 2nd District); Scott Kaupin, Enfield Mayor; Sharon Palmer, CTDOL Commissioner; and Tom Phillips, President & CEO, Connecticut Workforce Partners, KRA client, hosted a roundtable discussion at the KRA/CTWorks One-Stop Center (OSC) in Enfield to learn about, first-hand, the positive effects the Enfield OSC has had on the area’s unemployed. The Open House event provided a unique opportunity to highlight the critical need for the services that the CTWorks system provides, and to express the hope that such services will continue to be available in the future.

Following a tour of the facility, and opening remarks by Rep. Courtney and other guests, several KRA/CTWorks customers spoke of the successes they had achieved at the OSC while working to find employment.  One of the success stories was related by “Deb”, who had worked closely with Annie Coro, KRA Career Agent, and expressed how happy and pleased she was to be invited to the KRA/CTWorks Open House event to tell her story.  A single mother, Deb been laid off from her job about a year ago and had come to the OSC to see how, as a Dislocated Worker, the program might be able to assist her.  She stated that she “was surprised and encouraged to know of all the services that were available to her.”

Visiting the OSC at least two-to-three times a week to meet with Coro, and to work on her job-searching activities, Deb attended several work-readiness workshops, including Resume Preparation, and also took advantage of the Online Learning Center onsite to sharpen her Internet job-search skills, greatly enhancing her options for finding sustainable employment.  Her persistence, with assistance and encouragement from Coro and other KRA/CTWorks staff, paid off.  Deb landed a job as an Office Administrator with OP Medical Acquisition, LLC, a medical supply company, and was grateful for the opportunity to return to the OSC to “state for all to hear that she could not have accomplished what she did on her own, and to thank KRA/CTWorks in Enfield for being there when she needed it most.”