KRA/Baltimore Recruits Talent at Local Job Fair

Recently, it was reported that Ernestine Chambers, Operations Manager, and Jermietra Carroll, Business Services Representative (BSR), with the Work Participation, Placement, and Support Services Program–operated by KRA for the Baltimore City Department of Social Services–had attended a church-sponsored Job Fair.

Jermietra reported, “One goal for attending the Fair was to meet with representatives of local agencies, businesses, and organizations to identify potential resources for our volunteer CWE Program, as well as paid job-placement opportunities.  Secondly, we intended to recruit candidates for an open position on our BSR team.”

Missions accomplished!  Not only has KRA/Baltimore developed several strong Community Work Experience partnerships for the program, they interviewed three qualified BSR candidates, subsequently hiring Benia Richardson, who joined the staff 3 weeks ago.

Baltimore - SERVICE Image - 248x208Ernestine commented, “It was essential that our new BSR be a local person with strong knowledge of, and close ties to, our community.  With 6 years’ experience as a Regional Advisor/Project Manager for the Baltimore City Public School System, combined with excellent communication skills, Benia possessed the ideal combination of education and professional and interpersonal skills we were seeking.

We are excited to have Benia on the KRA/Baltimore team, and are confident she will succeed in developing productive business-partner relationships to provide our customers with meaningful CWE and/or sustainable job-placement opportunities.”