KRA/Baltimore Receives Business Partnership Accolade

Baltimore - Horseshoe CasinoIn January 2014, the Baltimore Horseshoe Casino announced it was launching a citywide outreach effort to fill 1,700 jobs for a new $442-million entertainment complex.

According to Ernestine Chambers, Operations Manager for the Work Participation, Placement, and Support Services Program, “Casino staff-hiring and -replacement is a continuous industry challenge, with some establishments reporting turnover rates as high as 80 percent!”

However, statistics indicate that pre-hire, work-readiness programs, such as the Horseshoe Legendary Academy, reduce turnover significantly, e.g., since the August 2014 Grand Opening, 53 percent–964–of the original Academy graduates are still on-the-job!”

KRA Baltimore Business Services Team, with David Muhammad, Manager, far right

KRA Baltimore Business Services Team, with David Muhammad, Manager, far right

From the beginning of the outreach program, KRA/Baltimore–operated for the Baltimore City Department of Social Services–was chosen as a Horseshoe Partnership Opportunities business partner, and recently, with other workforce-services collaborators, received a “Service With Passion” certificate recognizing the success of the unique Academy employment-development program.

Ernestine reports, “KRA/Baltimore was recognized for organizing two highly-effective Academy trainings, and for contributing to the success of the initial citywide recruitment, screening, and hiring effort.

The Horseshoe has already requested KRA/Baltimore participation when the next round of Academy trainings begins, and we are excited to continue supporting the Casino in its goal of providing career opportunities for our Baltimore City residents.”