KRA/Baltimore Customer Referrals Increase as Result of Client Tour

As the newest Baltimore City Department of Social Services’ (DSS) vendor providing Work Participation, Placement, and Support Services for recipients of Temporary Cash Assistance, KRA Corporation recently began its second year of operation participating in an eight-District tour of vendors being conducted by DSS officials.

Ernestine Chambers, KRA Case Management Supervisor, reported, “As dedicated as we are to improving customer service wherever possible, our staff were eager to provide information on the KRA/Baltimore operation, as well as to solicit DSS advice on how, from their perspective, service delivery might be enhanced.  We were more than happy to discuss any program modifications that could provide a more optimum level of front-line customer service.”

Chambers continued, “We were, of course, pleased to hear from one of the DSS Family Investment Specialists that ‘KRA is the first vendor to truly explain what they do, and we love the customer-centered approach.  I can now educate my customers on what to expect prior to their arrival.’.”

Reports of DSS’ successful tour of KRA spread to other Districts yet to be visited.  And, as a result of the tour, DSS referrals increased an average of 30 new enrollees each week, ultimately resulting in a 20% increase of KRA/Baltimore’s “customer show rate”.