KRA Youth Joins National Guard

Recently, it was reported that KRA’s 4th Annual Community Care Day campaign will work in partnership with local USOs, and other military-related organizations, to benefit our men and women serving overseas, by accumulating and donating at least 300 items…per KRA project site…that are most requested by our troops.  As it sometimes happens, a very fitting and timely story has emerged from the KRA SCWorks Career Centers operation in the Waccamaw Region.

Quasha Washington, who at 18 is the oldest of three sisters and four brothers, lives with her grandmother, whom she credits with having a great influence on her life.  On June 5, 2012, she was certified eligible and enrolled in the SCWorks’ Youth Services Program.  During Orientation, Pat Davis, KRA Career Agent, met one-on-one with Quasha to discuss the program in detail, and to determine how it could best assist with her career and/or educational goals.  According to Davis, “Quasha was really unsure of her long-term goals, but did express that in the short-term, she needed to provide financial support for her grandmother.  So, I arranged for aptitude, interests, and skills assessments to get an idea of what kind of employment we could target for her.”

Though Quasha was a high school graduate, her TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) results indicated her math and reading skills needed upgrading, so Davis arranged for tutoring sessions, in addition to her job-readiness workshops on Workplace Ethics, Resume Writing & Interview Preparation, Teamwork, Communications, and Professionalism.  After completing her workshops, to gain real-life work experience, Quasha was placed on a 160-hour, paid Work Experience Contract (WEC) with the Plantersville Summer Academy, where she assisted the Program Director by working on educational activities with the youth.

Davis reported, “During Quasha’s WEC assignment, she started expressing an interest in joining the Military.  Naturally, we discussed all the positive and negative aspects of this action, and in the end, she was determined to follow through.  Things happened pretty quickly after that; she visited a recruiting office, completed the paperwork for the induction process, and on August 21st, left for Basic Training in Fort Jackson.”  Davis continued, “Accordingly to her grandmother, Quasha experienced a setback during training, however she persevered and graduated on November 2nd.  Based on a Memorandum of Understanding, she will next be attending approximately 12 weeks of Advanced Initial Training (AIT) as a 92A Automated Logistical Specialist.  Quasha indicated to me in a text message that she anticipates an overseas assignment after AIT training, but that no deportment date has been scheduled.  All of us here in Waccamaw wish her well, wherever she goes.”

All of KRA is proud of Quasha Washington and her decision to serve our Country in the most personal way possible, and wishes her success…and safety…in her chosen endeavor.

Quasha Washington in Uniform