KRA/VIEW Forms New Partnership

Through the diligent efforts of Ninette Adams-Terry and Gina Tanks, KRA Employment Specialists, the Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare (VIEW) program, in Norfolk, has partnered with the Briggs Home Health Agency (BHHA), as part of KRA/VIEW’s successful performance and high work-participation rate in the Virginia Full Employment Program.  According to Adams-Terry, “We are now in a much better position to assist more customers who are interested in this line of work to secure employment.  It is particularly encouraging for us that Briggs is willing to consider hiring qualified individuals with criminal backgrounds, which will provide them with a valuable opportunity for attainable career development.”

BHHA is a minority-owned company that currently providing general at-home healthcare services, but soon will be expanding to add specialty services such as physical and occupational therapy.  BHHA is providing KRA/VIEW jobseekers with education, training, and employment in the field of Personal Care Aide.  Tanks reported, “As part of our jobs, Ms. Adams-Terry and I study LMI [Labor Market Information] reports all the time. One thing we discovered is that the home healthcare market is projected to grow at an annual rate of more than four percent, which we feel is a fairly significant increase in this economy.  Since August 1, four of our customers have graduated from Briggs’ Personal Care Aide training, and began employment on September 1.  So far, we are very pleased with the progress we are making, and look forward to a long-term productive partnership with Briggs on behalf of our customers.”

 Note: The expected growth in the home-healthcare market is being driven by several factors, a few of which include, aging Baby Boomers, increased life expectancy, saturation of hospitals in some metropolitan areas, and the rise in the frequency of some chronic diseases that, with the proper equipment and personnel, can be treated effectively in a home environment.