KRA Teamwork Leads to DC/TANF Customer Success

In April 2013, after a year of unsuccessful job-hunting—despite a year of college credits in Business & Finance and a consistent work history—27-year old Jakenna Deas enrolled in the TANF Employment Program (TEP), operated by KRA Corporation for the DC Department of Human Services.

Most instrumental in Jakenna’s ultimate success were Roneé Simmons, KRA Career Agent; Derrick Robinson, KRA Job Developer; and Elwood Welch, HR Director, CW Resources, Inc.

Married with four children to co-care for, Jakenna still managed to work diligently on her Individual Responsibility Plan (IRP), attending job-readiness workshops, meeting with Simmons and Robinson to review IRP progress, and following-up job leads, among which was a CW Resources Career Fair, organized by Robinson, to recruit 20 workers for a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) facility.

At the March 2014 Career Fair, Jakenna interviewed successfully with Welch, and after an extensive DHS-required background screening, was invited for a second interview in April, and was offered a position as a Lead Custodian in May.

A Very Happy Jakenna Deas

A Very Happy Jakenna Deas

Simmons concluded, “Jakenna reports that she is very happy on the job. Derrick and I are overjoyed for her, and confident that she is well on the path back to self-sufficiency and career success. We are grateful for our TEP partnership with CW Resources and Mr. Welch.”