KRA Team of DEI Experts Presented at 2022 NAWB Forum

The National Association of Workforce Boards convened its 2022 Forum, sponsored by KRA, in Washington, D.C., April 11-14.

On target with the Forum’s theme, Transforming Potential into Workforce Power, on April 13th, a prestigious KRA team of experts presented Transforming Today’s Workforce Training Programs into Tomorrow’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Talent Solutions.

Led by Dr. Kordilia Noble, KRA Director, Partnerships & Market Development, this team of seasoned industry facilitators and presenters also included Mr. Joseph Seymour, KRA Managing Director, Operational Excellence, and 1st VP-elect, Southeastern Employment & Training Association; Dr. Jon Mott, CEO, Aspire Ability; and Dr. Brian Johnson, KRA Consultant.

Dr. Noble commented, “Many employers struggle to recruit and retain the diverse talent they need. Many workforce-training programs struggle to achieve positive employment outcomes for their participants, especially populations that have been marginalized historically by traditional approaches.

“We focused on how the KRA team can help put a marginalized talent pool in the driver’s seat of their own career advancement and goals, and how organizations today are fostering cultural sensitivity in their training and recruitment programs,

“Our Team could not be more pleased with the attendance and participants’ response to the presentation. There exists a real need in our industry for a competency-based approach that provides employers and training providers with actionable data to minimize racial and gender discrimination.”

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