KRA Supports Community Partner Preparing Jobseekers for Employment

DC - Academy of Hope LogoDavid Holman, Job Developer, KRA/TANF Employment Program—operated for the DC Department of Human Services—participated recently in a unique workplace-prep event at the invitation of Reginald Black, Academy of Hope Adult Public Charter School, which offers a variety of services similar to those provided by KRA/TEP, including helping jobseekers overcome barriers to employment—such as not being prepared for job interviews.

Drawing upon his extensive  knowledge of what employers expect from job candidates, Holman joined Black, and other Academy staff, in conducting mock interviews with 20 ready-to-work jobseekers, covering appearance, greeting, body language, ability to discuss the content of their own resumes, knowledge of position applied for, and other make-or-break interviewing behaviors.

“It was a rewarding experience, providing participants with individualized performance evaluations, and assessments of how their interviewing skills could be enhanced. KRA/TEP and the Academy share a common mission in preparing DC-community jobseekers for workplace self-sufficiency through results-oriented events that provide local businesses with better-prepared candidates.”

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