KRA Staffer Speaks Up at Governor’s Town Hall Meeting

On March 14, 2011, KRA/CTWorks’ Valerie Crinejo, JFES (Jobs First Employment Service) Career Agent, attended a local Town Hall Meeting, one of a series of public gatherings convened by Governor Daniel Malloy to discuss budget issues, and to get feedback from Connecticut citizens. Crinejo took the floor to highlight for the Governor and his staff KRA/CTWorks’ unparalled workforce development success, especially its program participation rate, throughout the North Central Region.  Crinejo spoke of the valuable work and dedicated commitment of all the staff at the CTWorks offices, and stressed that several critical factors…such as “does the training program really work”…need consideration when making funding decisions related to the state’s workforce programs.  Crinejo believes strongly that CTWorks centers are “economic drivers” bringing employers and job seekers together to strengthen our communities.