KRA Staff Treat 45 Family Members To Lunch

As part of KRA’s annual company-wide Community Care Day Initiative, eight volunteers from the KRA/Camden (NJ) adult and youth workforce program staff visited the local Ronald McDonald House on December 5, 2011, and brought with them enough chicken fingers, salad, sixteen-bean soup, Texas toast, juice, and desert to feed 45 members of families whose seriously ill children are receiving care/treatment at Cooper Medical Center. Using efficient division-of-labor methodology, Georgia Ranton, KRA Program Assistant, shopped for the food, and prepared the soup, while Camilia Quinones, KRA Quality Assurance Specialist, acted as event coordinator: assigning kitchen responsibilities and food stations to team members, and orchestrating the serving arrangements. After lunch, team members talked with the families and their children, took a tour of the House, and posed for pictures to commemorate the occasion. Anita Davis, KRA Program Manager, said, “We believe the event was a success, and that everyone had a great time.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to give these families a little break in their stressful routines. In addition to the anguish over their sick children, they spend so much time traveling back and forth between home, the House, Cooper, back home again, and on and on.  We just wanted to show them that KRA/Camden cares about them and their kids.”