KRA/Reno Customer Lands Job in 1-Day Visit

In 2018, Marilyn Salamina enrolled with the KRA/Reno American Job Center of Nevada (AJCN), operated for NevadaWorks—the Workforce Development Board for Northern Nevada—looking for job-search assistance.

Her experience was so rewarding in finding what she needed, Marilyn knew exactly where to go when, once again, she found herself unemployed.

Ms. Robin Walsh, KRA Program Manager, reports, “On November 4, 2021, Marilyn returned to the AJCN, requesting assistance with employment, especially since she felt her computer resources and skills were not ‘up-to-date’.

“Immediately, our career- and job-development staff  began working with Marilyn, one-on-one.  Cognizant that most people learn better by doing, than by merely observing, we utilized our KRA Step-by-Step Guide, with pictures, walking her through critical job-seeking activities—some of which may seem a bit daunting—such as ‘creating an e-mail account’ and ‘responding to job leads’.”

At the conclusion of her visit, Marilyn felt very empowered, having already submitted several online applications, in which she included her newly revamped resume.

Within an hour of leaving the AJCN, she called with exciting news…”I got a job!”…a Server position with Romano’s Macaroni Grill, described on one website as a “Lively Italian chain with an open kitchen, known for small plates, pizzas, pastas & wine.”

Marilyn is very busy, as the Grill offers indoor and outdoor seating, curbside pickup, and no-contact delivery options. Through it all, she is complying with the Grill’s health and safety protocols, which require Waitstaff to wear masks, undergo temperature checks, and disinfect applicable surfaces between patron’s visits.

Before Marilyn left the AJCN that day, she shared a hand-written testimonial, stating, “KRA staff are exceptionally wonderful, patient, and extremely kind.” Thanks, Marilyn!

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