KRA Reno-based AJC of Nevada Re-opens After COVID-19 Closure

For NevadaWorks, Northern Nevada’s Workforce Board, KRA operates the American Job Center of Nevada (AJCN), which discontinued public access to services on March 18, 2020.

Yesterday, the AJCN re-opened its facility in the Reno Town Hall, in compliance with all local and State guidelines, as well as KRA’s own Preparedness & Response Plan, developed in compliance with the latest CDC and OSHA guidance on preparing workplaces for COVID-19 prevention.

Mike Smith, Program Manager, commented, “With a regional 14.1% unemployment rate, we are anticipating high customer-foot traffic, and are 100% prepared for the task!  Our AJCN Team is eager to see our jobseeker-customers come through those doors!”

While Governor Stephen Sisolak has ordered Nevada JobConnect—a vital AJCN workforce-services resource— to repurpose its work, assisting with UI claims and adjudications, the AJCN Team will continue to assist customers with computer concerns and issues. In addition, our customers will be able to use the AJCN Resource Center computers, as well as services provided by JOIN Inc. and the NNLC, two of our seven collaborative partner agencies. 

During the lockdown, two Program Assistants reported to the AJCN daily to cover the phones, answering questions re: employment and training opportunities, unemployment insurance (UI), online workforce-services resources, et al.  All other staff transitioned to Work-From-Home status, continuing to provide jobseeker- and employer-customers the best services possible through myriad online audio- and video-technologies, including one-on-one and group Zoom interactions.


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