KRA Recognizes Employee Excellence

The KRA Employee Recognition Awards acknowledge and applaud those employees whose performance goes above-and-beyond in consistently ensuring, first, that KRA achieves its mission to prepare jobseekers for today’s global economy and supply employers with a trained and reliable workforce and, second, propels the organization forward in achieving…

  • Strategic and operational goals;
  • Excellence in customer service, service delivery, and technology utilization;
  • Higher productivity;
  • Enhanced collaboration and success for interdisciplinary work teams; and
  • A stronger culture of creativity, innovation, and initiative.

Being nominated for an Employee Recognition Award is the highest possible indication that KRA’s Corporate Leaders, Program Managers, Team Supervisors, clients, and/or customers resoundingly acknowledge a job well done.

KRA Employee Recognition Award

KRA Employee Recognition Award

Nominations—which include comprehensive descriptions of the employee’s performance related to a specific award category—will be accepted beginning August 15 for the President’s Award, Employee of the Year– MVP, Leadership and Teamwork Award, Project Success Award, Achievement Award, Support Person of the Year Award, Community Service Award, You Make a Difference Award, Spirit Award, and Rookie of the Year Award.

In the Fall, hundreds of employees, family members, and friends will gather at the 2014 Employee Recognition Awards Gala to dine and dance, to cheer for all the nominees, and to celebrate the achievements of the 10 awardees. Also, at the Gala,  Years of Service Awards will be distributed to those employees celebrating 5, 10, 15, and 20 years of dedicated service to KRA and our clients and customers.