KRA Program Prepares Students for Job Interviews

On December 20, 2010, staff from KRA’s Youth Employability and Success (YES) program conducted mock interviews with 17  students from the Norcom High School program site.  The YES Program Manager and the site’s Career Agent conducted the simulated interviews in conjunction with YES’ monthly Dress for Success event, another component of KRA’s job-readiness program. Prior to the training,  staff  gave the students  a list of four entry-level jobs advertised by local companies in the banking, fast-food, healthcare, and retail industries…and asked them to choose one for which to be interviewed.  Some students, with interview experience, were more practiced at “doing their homework”, and easily fielded questions about their chosen company’s mission, benefits, and other important business/industry information.  Those who had not interviewed before had a chance to experience not only their first interview situation, but a panel interview at that. The students were also critiqued on posture, handshake, grammar/verbal skills, eye contact, etc. During the debriefing, all students agreed they had learned a great deal about themselves, as well as critical interview “do’s and dont’s.”