KRA Program InFUSEs Knowledge, Responsibility, Achievement

FUSE (Focus on Utilizing Self-Sufficient Energy) is an innovative component of a PGWorks Job Readiness Program for TANF recipients, which KRA Corporation operates for the Prince George’s County (Maryland) Department of Social Services.  The intensive 30-day FUSE curriculum capitalizes on each customer’s assessed abilities, interests, and skills, and weaves them into a detailed Individual Responsibility Plan for workforce success.

Affected by downsizing, Tina Edmundson, who enrolled in FUSE with a solid work history and an Associate’s degree in Business Administration, reported, “Ashelley Wilder, my KRA Career Agent, took the time to address my feelings as an individual.  During our sessions together, she encouraged me and gave me advice, which motivated me.  Leaving her office, I felt refreshed and hopeful, no longer like just another ‘number’ in the system.”

Diligently, Tina graduated from FUSE, and followed up on all prospective job leads—one of which was a part-time Quality Assurance (QA) position with KRA’s TANF Employment Program’s Work Readiness operation in DC.  Tina started in September 2013, and recently reported, “I’m working, back in college, and achieving my goal of independence! I enjoy my QA work, but hope to progress professionally within KRA as a Career Agent.  I’d like to help others regain their self sufficiency, the way Ms. Wilder helped me.”