KRA Program and Customer Benefit From State OJT

Chloe Schearer–23, one son–enrolled in the Job Skills Training Directly Related to Employment Program, operated by KRA for the Camden County [NJ] Workforce Investment Board, just 2 short months ago.  Instructor Nigel Charles, reports, “Chloe had enrolled in a training program for LPN certification, but when her mother became gravely ill, she interrupted her studies to assist with her care.

Later, when financial circumstances indicated that Chloe was unable to return to school, and she couldn’t find employment–due to minimal prior work experience–she enrolled with KRA/Camden for assistance, guidance, and support.

As Chloe progressed through the program, we noticed that she had great organizational and time management skills, was adept at written and oral communications, and exhibited advanced IT knowledge and abilities.

Camden - Chloe Schearer - 248x251Chloe’s skill sets, TABE results, and professional , but friendly, demeanor made her an ideal candidate for an OJT opportunity, through the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development, right here at KRA/Camden, which had an open Receptionist position.”

Acing interviews and screenings, Chloe joined the KRA/Camden team, adjusting quickly to the world of workforce development, and sharing with co-workers, “This [opportunity] means progression, consistency, and stability for my little family.  I’m so excited for the future, which now looks so much brighter!”