KRA Monthly Spotlight!

KRA Supports National OSY Cohort Challenge – Launched in November 2017, by the Innovation and Opportunity Network Community of Practice, the OSY Cohort Challenge was “to unpack out-of-school youth (OSY) engagement and retention, and develop solutions that the field will want.” To achieve its goals, Cohort Teams examined and developed resources in three areas:

  • Empowering Youth as Active Participants;
  • Recruitment, Marketing, and Outreach Strategies; and
  • Using Technology in Innovative Ways through Programming—led by Shawna Wright, KRA Director of Workforce Operations.

Between February-May 2018, Team members—selected through an approved-application process—collaborated in sharing their challenges, presenting their own community models, and partnering with members of other Teams to address common challenges in serving youth.

Shawna’s Team focused on collecting technology-related information and resources—apps, websites, social media, online tools, trainings, et al—through distribution and analysis of a Technology Team Survey on the innovative ways industry professionals are applying technology to a cross-section of youth-program services—recruitment, enrollment, and orientation; case management; education, training, and workshops; and more.

On June 7, 2018 (2:30-3:30 pm ET), a DOL/ETA Webinar, Our Journey Together: Out-of-School Youth Cohort Challenge Review, will address “What Does It Take to Effectively Engage and Retain Out-of-School Youth throughout the Program Lifespan?” Registration is limited, so if interested, please register today.

For 20+ years, KRA has implemented and managed OSY Programs, including a proprietary KRA Knowledge2Career Academy operation.  DOL acknowledged our expertise in 2006, when ETA selected KRA to produce a Toolkit for Frontline Services for Youth. We are pleased that 12 years later, ETA continues to regard KRA experts as a valuable resource on youth-services programming and implementation.


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