KRA Monthly Spotlight!

PG County - I Love My ChildOur Spotlight! is shining brightly on National Child Support Awareness Month and the Non-Custodial Parent Employment Program (NPEP), an integral component of the PGWorks Employment and Training Program, operated by KRA for the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services.

Michaela Smalls, Career Agent, reported, “KRA champions the nationwide August initiative, and that of our own Maryland Child Support Enforcement Administration [CSEA], to highlight the critical importance of financial support and stability for our children.

But, for KRA/PGWorks, every month focuses on child-support awareness–and enforcement–through NPEP, which provides aggressive job-placement assistance for parents delinquent on child-support obligations due to lack of employment.”

Each year, with the well-being of millions of children nationwide negatively affected by the lack of support payments, local child-support agencies, such as the PG County Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE), in partnership with programs, such as PGWorks/NPEP, play an important role for parents trying to succeed in making consistent payments.

During August, the CSEA encouraged and supported outreach efforts and participation in community projects, suggesting local initiatives targeted to donating school supplies to parents, who might not be able to afford them for their children.

“To contribute to the state-wide campaign, the OCSE Deputy Director, Samantha Phillips, and our Operations Manager, Alicia Spriggs, collaborated to organize a School Supply Drive, and to distribute the supplies here at the Temple Hills location where we both occupy offices.

We raised enough funds to purchase four large backpack-style book bags, and filled each one with folders, pads of paper, pens and pencils, notebooks, and other supplies.  Then, we held a weekly raffle to ensure that each parent in attendance had a fair chance of receiving a backpack.

This project represents the first of an annual initiative that we intend to include in our August child-support awareness activities, raising twice as many funds and doubling our effort, at a minimum!”

Recently, the Maryland Department of Human Resources reported that for FY 2015, which ended June 30, 2015, local child-support enforcement offices collected $562,562,684 in payments on behalf of Maryland children, a figure up from $412,975,525 for FY 2012.

KRA/PG Works is proud to support the OCSE in assisting NPEP parents to return to work, enabling them to earn the money needed to support their children.  And, whatever percentage of those FY 2015 distributions that our NPEP parents were responsible for, we know they are proud as well.