KRA Monthly Spotlight!

Our August Spotlight! is shining brightly on four KRA Corporation staff members selected to participate in the first 12-month cycle of the National Association of Workforce Development Professional’s (NAWDP) New and Emerging Professionals (NEP) initiative.

The August 27, 2014, kick-off meeting marked the beginning of a fantastic opportunity for these KRA staffers, all NAWDP members under the age of 35, to participate in an intensive program— comprised  of special projects and collaborative and networking activities—to expand their skills and to assist NAWDP in addressing issues that are most critical for workforce professionals new to the field.

Based on applications submitted by NEP hopefuls across the country, a Committee selected 10 participants, including KRA’s own Karen Cirinicione (Greater Hartford CTWorks); Dominique Goode (Norfolk VIEW); and Maxine Suka and Diana Wong (San Diego Metro Region Career Centers).

These KRA staff will benefit greatly by attending a series of leadership workshops and training sessions; by learning more about NAWDP leadership opportunities, including positions with Committees, Special Interest Groups, and Task Forces; and by accessing professional networks that provide peer support, mentoring, and career-mapping opportunities.

NEP will increase their ability to explore many facets of our industry more closely, as well as expand their present knowledge and skills through collaborative efforts that will undoubtedly benefit the entire workforce development community in the future.  When asked what this opportunity means to them, each responded:

  • Diana -I’m looking forward to this great opportunity to grow professionally, as well as personally, and I am glad to represent KRA.
  • Dominique – I am excited to be selected as one of 10 young professionals nationwide to participate in the NEP initiative.  It’s an honor to represent KRA, and to work with other NAWDP members to address issues most important to new workforce professionals.
  • Karen – I am really excited to be chosen for the NEP program.  It is an honor to participate in this initiative, representing KRA, and to give a voice to young workforce development professionals nationwide.
  • Maxine – I’m excited to be a part of this new initiative, which for me represents an investment in NAWDP’s mission, and its continuing legacy of change and success.

KRA applauds the achievement of these four exceptional young professionals, and is confident their commitment and dedication to advanced training and development will not only benefit them personally, and their local programs professionally, but the company as a whole.