KRA Monthly Spotlight!

When “Nathan” first came to the Resource Center in the Greater Richmond, Virginia area, he confided to KRA Program Manager, Gary Fletcher, that he was so discouraged about his future that he just felt like giving up. Having been laid off and looking for work for more than a year, Nathan was not getting any call-backs from the employers with whom he had interviewed. He feared that it was his criminal record that was keeping him from getting hired. As a father with a family to support, Nathan was feeling very despondent and desperate to find work…but had definitely come to the right place. His assigned KRA Career Agent, Tina Batya, had been down this road before, and knew she could help Nathan. Based on his assessed abilities, aptitude, and interests, and her extensive knowledge of the resources available, she was able to get Nathan enrolled in a truck driver training course at a local Truck Driving School. Nathan completed his training, obtained a certificate, received his CDL-A License, and was hired immediately by a company eager to bring him on board, criminal record notwithstanding. Nathan was so excited about his employment offer that he came and shared the good news in person with Ms. Batya. Nathan is working now, supporting his family, and looking forward to a much brighter future thanks to the assistance he received from KRA and Resource.