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P2E logoThis month’s Spotlight! is shining brightly on a new KRA/San Diego Metro Region Career Centers program, Platform to Employment (P2E).  In November 2012, the WorkPlace received Wal-Mart Foundation, Citi Community Development, and AARP Foundation funding to implement a national P2E Program in 10 major cities.  For San Diego, the fourth city selected, P2E is funded by the San Diego Workforce Partnership, KRA client-partner for the operation of the Career Centers.

P2E is an innovative, privately funded response to the crisis of long-term unemployment (LTU).  Eligibility includes Veterans under 30 and individuals over 50, who have exhausted their UI benefits.  The goals for each participant are to: become champions for their own careers, learn new skills, complete an 8- week work-experience (WEX), and enter into unsubsidized employment.  An EEO Program, P2E provides auxiliary aids and services for individuals with disabilities.

Jobseekers who are out-of-work for long periods usually need assistance beyond job-specific skills training.  National statistics show that the LTU population has a 1-in-10 chance of securing a job each month.  Often, they need to regain self-confidence, learn how to mount an effective job search, and become comfortable marketing themselves to employers.

P2E begins with mandatory workshops, 4 days a  week for 5 weeks, which include personal counseling, workplace-readiness training, and comprehensive wraparound case-management services.  Participants meet with a Behavioral Counselor at least once during the training, with additional optional counseling available for themselves, as well members of the immediate family.  Once P2E participants complete the 5-week training, they are eligible for an 8-week WEX wage-subsidy opportunity, matched with Regional employers with job openings.

By selecting P2E participants, employers fill open positions with candidates who are fully subsidized for the first 4 weeks, and partially subsidized for the next 4 weeks. Thus, P2E eliminates the risk in these types of hiring actions, as participants are on the Workplace’s payroll during the trial period. The expectation is that successful P2E participants will be hired by the employers at the end of the WEX.

The original P2E Pilot Program, conducted in Connecticut, demonstrated substantial success.  Of the 91 participants who completed the training , 80% entered the WEX phase, and of those who completed WEX, 89% were hired by the employers.  KRA/San Diego/P2E is racking up its own success stories, which we will publish on the Company News Page over the coming weeks.

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