KRA Monthly Spotlight!

This month, the Spotlight! is shining brightly on the Power of Partnerships.  For KRA, Partnerships are essential to the success of its workforce operations across the country.  The foundation of these relationships is the mutual collaboration, support, resources, and trust that enables KRA workforce development programs to achieve amazing results in their communities…through Partnerships:

  • Businesses, large and small, provide the employment, Full Employment Program, and On-the-Job Training opportunities that KRA needs for effective job development and placement.
  • Colleges and Universities provide the higher-education opportunities for KRA youth and adult customers who require 2- and 4-year degrees to pursue their ultimate career goals.
  • Entrepreneurs visit KRA work-readiness classrooms and workshops to expose customers to another side of the workplace, and to open their eyes to the possibility of future business ownership.
  • Public-service organizations, like Hospitals and Libraries, provide valuable Community Work Experience (CWE) for KRA jobseekers in need of real-world work experience prior to job placement.  Also, it is not uncommon for CWE assignments to evolve into employment opportunities, thus they are also a viable job-placement resource.
  • Social Service agencies, in addition to being valuable sources for CWE positions, support KRA jobseekers coping with homelessness, emotional/mental health issues, physical disabilities, family/spousal abuse, and other critical barriers to meaningful employment.
  • Technical and trade schools provide the occupational-skills development needed by jobseeker-customers with career paths that require certification and or licensure to succeed.

Over the next few months, KRA will be shining its Spotlight! on community-based Partnerships developed by selected local programs, and how they utilize this powerful asset for the benefit of both  jobseeker-and business-customers. KRA program-partnerships in Baltimore, Maryland; Washington, DC; and other areas across the country will be highlighted.