KRA Joins SDWP in Celebrating 40th Anniversary

In the most recent issue of the San Diego Works newsletter, Peter Callstrom, President & CEO of the San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP), announced, “Today marks a significant milestone for the San Diego Workforce Partnership — our 40th anniversary of supporting job training for thousands of youth and adults throughout the San Diego region.

From March 19, 1974…to 21 years later when the RETC [Regional Employment and Training Consortium] became SDWP to today, our vision has been consistent: ensure that every business in our region has access to a skilled workforce and that every job seeker has access to meaningful employment.

Thank you to our board and committee members, funded partners, employers, program participants and our countless community friends for your ongoing support of job training programs in our region, and for helping the SDWP become a leader for innovative workforce solutions.  We look forward to celebrating our 40th year all year long.”

Since 2012—when the SDWP launched a redesign of its One-Stop Career Center system, with an increased emphasis on customer service, sector-driven industries, and technology—under the innovative leadership of Maxine Suka, Program Manager, KRA has been successfully planning and implementing the SDWP’s vision for the San Diego Region’s service-delivery system, which included the development of a San Diego Downtown Library satellite center that helps customers set employment goals, enhance computer savvy, and develop job-readiness skills.

Today, a staff of 35 KRA workforce development professionals operates five busy One-Stop Centers—a partner in the America’s Job Centers of California network—providing job training and placement opportunities for more than 3,000 WIA Adult/Dislocated Workers monthly, also addressing the needs of ex-offenders, homeless and long-term unemployed jobseekers, immigrants/refugees, Veterans, and other populations requiring more specialized services.

KRA Corporation is proud, as a “funded partner”, to support the SDWP and its vision, and looks forward to celebrating SDWP’s success throughout 2014…and beyond.