KRA Homeless Customer On The Road to Success

Jeffrey was 37 and homeless—and determined to turn his life around when he enrolled in the San Diego Metro Career Centers Program, an American Job Center of California operated by KRA Corporation for the San Diego Workforce Partnership.

He met with Zuri Williams, KRA Career Agent, who reported, “Jeffrey admitted he had made some poor decisions that resulted in his living in a homeless shelter.  He convinced me that he was truly ready to make choices that would improve his situation, and that given a chance, would keep appointments and do his best to gain employment.

Jeffrey’s first chance came when he was approved for an Individual Training Account, arranged for by Williams, that provided financial aid for him to study with United Trucking for a Commercial Class A License.  His second chance came when Warner Transportation hired him as a Driver Trainee.

Big Rig On The Road

Big Rig On The Road

Williams concluded, “I am proud of Jeffrey’s progress.  In less than 2 weeks, he had already completed assignments in California, Colorado, and Washington state!  He is becoming self-reliant, and totally focused on his future.  Recently, he  told me he ‘is glad to be out of the shelter’, a situation facilitated by his ability to sleep over at trucker rest stops while on the road.  At least now, with a steady income, he is able to obtain permanent housing when he wants to.”