KRA Helps Customer Find Road to Recovery

“Tory” was 37, a single mother of three—and a substance abuser—when she enrolled in PGWorks, operated by KRA Corporation for the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services.

Ashelley Wilder, KRA Career Agent, reported, ” Tory had no trouble gaining employment; her problem was maintaining it.  Along with KRA’s job-readiness and placement program, I insisted she seek help immediately through two referrals—our County Department of Health’s Children and Parents [CAP] program, and Rehabilitation Systems, Inc. [RSI].”

Through CAP, Tory receives comprehensive addiction abatement, mental health, and case management services, and RSI—which promotes family participation in the client’s recovery process—provides parenting skills, crisis intervention and management, and client education in achieving independence and wellness.

Wilder continued, “Before long, I felt Tory was making real progress—and considering her work history in food-service management—I told her a local fast-food chain was holding a Hiring Event.  Tory attended, was interviewed, and hired on-the-spot as a Shift Lead at $10.50/hour!”

Settled into her new job, Tory visited Wilder, thanking her for the invaluable guidance and support, and expressing excitement over her employer agreeing to a schedule that enabled her to continue participation in her recovery programs, which she is determined to maintain for her own sake and that of her children.