KRA "Hearts" Art

The letter read, “Dear Alisha, On behalf of the Art to Wear Fashion Show Committee and the Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum, we want to thank you for your contribution as a model. Your participation made this first-time event a huge success that could not have been realized without you!  Patricia Goodwin, Museum Director, and I hope that you enjoyed your involvement and that you would participate again with this event or other events with the Art Museum. Feel free to give us your feedback on your experience.  Please continue to support the Art Museum as a volunteer and/or patron.  Best regards, Ashley Clark, Museum Services/Art to Wear Fashion Show Committee.” The addressee/model is Alisha Williams, KRA Program Manager, Waccamaw Region SCWorks Career Centers.*

Amy Ross, KRA Quality Assurance Specialist, and member of the Planning Committee for this inaugural event, reported, “I was honored to have the support and involvement of my KRA family.  This event, part of the Myrtle Beach Art Museum’s “I Heart Art” Fundraising Campaign and 15th Anniversary Celebration, helped the Museum to continue bringing exceptional exhibitions to our area, and providing educational opportunities for our youth.  We had 24 art-inspired fashion design entries, tons of art on the walls, and local dignitaries and celebrities as judges. Our own beautiful Alisha Williams was one of the models, and her designer “Ann Taylor” outfit won the Most Inspired by Nature category!    

Model, Winner, and Program Manager Alisha Williams

Ross continued, “Other KRA staff played a large role in the success of this event, and I thank them all for their participation and support.  Rusty Gaskins [Business Services Agent] volunteered to manage the group of dancers that performed for the show; Tyra Taylor [Program Assistant] and Pat Davis [Youth Career Agent Team Lead] were part of the audience cheering for their favorite models and designers; and Ken Sales [Business Services Team Lead] served as an escort…a role he was born to play.” 

Rusty Gaskins, Tyra Taylor, Alisha Williams, Pat Davis, and Ken Sales

Ross concluded, “This experience was extremely rewarding for me, and I know I’ll be volunteering again, year after year.”     

Planning Committee: Front - Kevin Perry, Gina Trimarco Cligrow, and Jeffrey Wisniewski...Back - Ellen Calhoun, Sherrie Glensky, Jennifer Hart, Amy Ross, and Tiffany Doolittle

*Funded by the South Carolina Waccamaw Regional Council of Governments, this KRA-operated program encompasses a tri-county area, providing comprehensive workforce services for Regional jobseeker-and employer-customers.  The three Centers support Adult/Dislocated Workers in need of training and/or job placement opportunities, and provide recruitment, screening, referral, follow-up, and retention services tailored to the needs of private- and public-sector employers in the Region. The Youth Employability and Success component of the operation provides a comprehensive year-round program for disadvantaged youth facing significant barriers to employment.