KRA Gets Non-Custodial Parent-Customers Back on Track

A critical component of the PGWorks Employment and Training Program, operated by KRA Corporation for the Prince George’s County of Department of Social Services, is the Non-Custodial Parent Employment Program for jobseekers struggling with child-support obligations due to lack of employment.

Such was the case of Carnell, 46, who had not worked steadily for 4 years.  During  assessment and planning sessions with Rhonda Feimster, KRA Career Agent, he expressed an interest in the Hospitality industry, sparking an idea that proved to be highly successful: referral to Goodwill of Greater Washington for their Marriott Marquis Training Program.

Occupied during the day with assigned work-readiness seminars, Carnell attended the Program from 4:40pm–9:00pm, 4 days a week, for 11 weeks.  In addition to passing multiple drug screenings, he could not miss more than one class, or arrive late more than two times, without being terminated.

Feimster reported, “Not only did Carnell meet all participation requirements, he was one of the most-liked participants in the program.  He graduated in March 2014, and was hired by Marriott International in April!  We really believe in NPEP, and are overjoyed when participants get back on track in making their child-support payments on a consistent basis.  Everybody wins!”