KRA Executives Cover NAJA 2022 Program and Fiscal Tracks

The National Association of Job Training Assistance 37th Annual Conference, convened March 7-11, 2022, focused on two breakout-session “tracks”.  Two of KRA’s most engaging and sought-after experts each presented two exciting and informative workshops.

On March 9th, on the Program Track, Joseph L. Seymour, Managing Director, Operational Excellence, facilitated From Co-Workers to Communityexploring practical ways to apply the new science of—Building High-Performing Teams in the Post-Pandemic Workplace as workforce-development leaders settle into the new normal, facing the challenge of re-connecting and re-building our teams.

Later in the day, Joseph presented Trauma-Informed Care for Workforce Development Professionals, discussing types of traumas, the five principles of trauma-informed care, and best practices that help mitigate, and maybe even eliminate, re-traumatization in our service delivery.

Zaskia V. Ruiz, Director, Finance, Accounting & ComplianceOn the 10th, on the Fiscal Track, Zaskia V. Ruiz, Executive Vice President, Administration & Finance, presented Fiscal Management in the Virtual Office, focusing on issues workforce-services professionals face adjusting to a hybrid or complete fiscal virtual environment, and discussing systems, leadership styles, and training options that promote and support compliant, productive, and gratifying work environments.

Later, Zaskia facilitated Fiscal and Program Collaboration, addressing issues that result from disjointed efforts within organizations, and reviewing the lifecycle of the contract/program, from the Notice of Funding Availability to closeout.

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