KRA Executive Chosen for Maryland House of Delegates “Team 13”

Recently, The Baltimore Sun reported that Vanessa E. Atterbeary, KRA Corporate Counsel, has been chosen by the District 13 slate to represent Howard County in the Maryland House of Delegates.           

“Team 13” members—Delegate Guy Guzzone, candidate for Maryland State Senate, and Delegates Shane Pendergrass and Frank Turner—said they picked Atterbeary for the ticket because “her experience in business and her advocacy for victims of domestic violence will complement the team’s expertise.”

The Sun article continued, “Domestic violence advocacy is a priority for Atterbeary, who started working at a shelter in college and participated in a clinic helping women to gain protective orders while she was in law school. She continued that work in her first job at a Bethesda [Maryland] law firm, and served on the Montgomery County Commission for Women, including as president, when she lived there.

Atterbeary said she is also interested in addressing other issues facing women and families, including work-life balance and equal pay for women.  ‘I do think there needs to be more strong of a voice on women’s issues in Annapolis, she said, ‘particularly on the judiciary committee’.”

For this article, Atterbeary commented, “Another issue, for which I have a great passion, is economic development.  Working for KRA Corporation, I know firsthand how a community’s economic growth is directly impacted by the success of its local workforce development system.  I intend to work on expanding economic opportunity for people in the State, particularly by supporting small businesses, the source of most new job opportunities.”

For the Sun interview, Atterbeary concluded, “I’m just excited…about the possibility of being [in Annapolis], and I’m excited about running with the incumbents.  It’s just an exciting time.”