KRA Executive Attends Leadership Maryland Retreat

On March 12, 2012, we reported that Vanessa E. Atterbeary, Esq., KRA Corporate Counsel, had been selected as one of only 52 individuals to participate in the 2012 class of Leadership Maryland, an independent, educational, non-profit organization that informs top-level executives, from the public and private sectors, about the critical issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the State.  Recently, Atterbeary attended Leadership Maryland’s 2-day kick-off retreat with 51 other talented leaders from across the State.  Atterbeary reported, “The opening retreat focused on networking, identifying State-wide issues, and leadership skills.  It was so energizing!  I had been looking forward to meeting other Leadership Maryland participants, and now that I have, I’m developing exciting new relationships with people from all across Maryland, and as always…discovering new ways in which I can make a difference!”

Over the course of the intense 8-month program…five 2-day and one 1-day session…more than 100 experts from business, government, and education will serve as panelists and guest speakers to address critical issues facing the State, including criminal and juvenile justice, education, health and human services, multi-culturalism and diversity, and the environment.  Atterbeary continued, “As interested as I am in these crucial issues, I’m especially looking forward to the sessions devoted to economic development.  As a national leader in the workforce development industry, KRA’s services are central to the economic development and growth of the communities in which we work.  Right here in Maryland, nearby DC, and other regions of the country, we partner with businesses to create jobs and increase the economic vitality of the community.  In fact, our vast training and job placement resources are often an incentive for employers to remain or expand in the area, which contributes to the economic stability of the region.  I realize I’m in Leadership Maryland to learn, but if I can also contribute to the discourse, that would be great.”