KRA/DC-TEP Virtual Fair Reinforces Customer Engagement

While still observing COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the District of Columbia to protect its residents and visitors, the KRA/DC-TANF Employment Program (TEP) continues to provide innovative solutions for engaging its customers, expanding their knowledge and skills through myriad activities that maximize academic and workforce success.

Recently, staff of the Educational and Occupational Training (EOT) and Job Placement (JP) Programs, both divisions of the KRA/DC-TEP, collaborated to develop a traditional event—a College & Career Fair—delivered via a virtual venue—Zoom.

Brittany Switzer, EOT Program Manager; Renee Brooks, JP Program Manager; and Shelley Baker, Case Manager Lead, co-headed a blended Program Team, consisting of Eboni Young-Meekins, Quality Assurance Lead; Renea Vaughn, Outreach Coordinator; Naomi Del Valle and Serena Mosteller, Case Managers; and James Parker, EOT Navigator.

The Fair, planned as a serial event, was developed initially around College & Career Planning and Back to Business Virtual Night themes, both of which expanded customers’ understanding of how workforce and academic trends affect their ability to gain and maintain sustainable employment.

Two sessions a month attract 250+ EOT/JP customers, focusing on post-High School programs of study; one-on-one interactions with Case Managers in breakout rooms; presentations by Keynote and breakout-room Speakers on Adult Education, Entrepreneurship—including tips on home-based business startups—and Trade & Technical School opportunities; and modules on Workplace Excellence and Soft-Skills Development for Professionals.

Sessions are, of course, primarily fact-oriented, but do provide time for a little fun…trivia and games focused on current and historical events.  With daily family, personal, and other EOT/JP Program responsibilities, the Fair is an ideal venue for giving KRA/DC-TEP customers some “me time” to reflect on their current- and post-Program goals.

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