KRA/DC-TEP Spotlights Local “Black Excellence” Achievers

On February 25, in celebration of Black History Month, the KRA/DC TANF Employment Program (TEP)—operated for the D.C. Department of Human Services—hosted a virtual Black Excellence event to highlight the accomplishments of four present-day achievers in our community.

James Parker, KRA/DC-TEP Education Navigator, kicked off the celebration with a presentation to the 20 customers and 10 staff in attendance, highlighting pivotal events in Black History with a spotlight on many heroes often missing in today’s textbooks, including the event’s Guest Speakers, two of whom are former KRA/DC-TEP customers:


Artist, Songwriter, Performer, and Grammy Member JANAE MUSIC  spoke of humble beginnings in D.C. as a single mother, crediting her KRA/DC-TEP team for the support needed to emerge from poverty and reach her dream of a successful career in the music industry.




MARYAM FOYE – Social Entrepreneur, Advocate, Artist, and Founder of HBC/430 Creative Programs & Consulting described challenges she faced that ultimately drove her to start her own business to provide for her family and live life on her own terms.



Hired as a Custodian—after serving a 40-year prison term—MICHAEL HOOD-BEY quickly earned a promotion to Custodial Supervisor.  With encouragement, guidance, and support from John Eldridge, KRA/DC-TEP Job Developer, Mr. Hood-Bey turned his life around, sustaining a fulfilling career with CHIMES.


JOY JACKSON-JONESCommunity Advocate and Entrepreneur, shared her “rags-to-riches” story, describing setbacks—including a term of incarceration—and achievements, which includes her current career as the owner of One Care DC Inc. that offers mental health and substance abuse services to DC residents.

KRA thanks the enterprising KRA/DC-TEP staff members—Eboni Young-Meekins, Quality Assurance Lead; Serena Mosteller, Career Agent; John Eldridge; and James Parker—for organizing and hosting such an extraordinary showcase of these local Black Excellence Achievers.


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