KRA Customer Overcomes 10-Year Career Hiatus

Catrina Cook, 43, enrolled in the TANF Employment Program—operated by KRA Corporation for the DC Department of  Human Services—and knew exactly what she wanted …to return to a career she loved in Security Services.

Collaborating with Gay Twyman, KRA Career Agent, Catrina developed an Individual Responsibility Plan that included intensive coaching in the most effective strategies for preparing job applications and searching for jobs.

Twyman reported, “After 10 years in security, Catrina found herself unemployed and unable to find a job in the field.  So, to provide for herself and six kids, she took a job, for 6 years, working with mentally-challenged children and adults. Then, finally, she landed a job with “ABC Security”, only to be let go when the company lost its contract!”

In March 2014, KRA/DC had established a partnership with Capital City Protective Services, which proved to be just the training provider that Catrina needed to get her license reinstated through a 40-hour course.

Using job-search techniques learned through Twyman’s guidance, Catrina found a fulltime position as an Armed Special Police Officer in May 2014 with Preeminent Protective Services, and is once again happy to be “protecting and serving” the community. 

Armed Special Police Officer Catrina Cook

Armed Special Police Officer Catrina Cook