KRA Customer Needed a Job…to Get a Job!

Despite an MS degree in Chemical Engineering and 5 years’ experience as a Process Engineer, Ali was unemployed for almost a year after emigrating to the U.S., as most companies to which he applied required at least 6 months’ U.S.-based work experience.

To overcome his catch-22 dilemma—how to get experience if he couldn’t get a job—Ali sought professional workforce services through the KRA San Diego Metro Career Centers, operated for the San Diego Workforce Partnership, where he met with Career Agent Zuri Williams.

Zuri provided orientation and introduction to the wide range of resources available to support Ali, who commented, “Apart from attending Job-Readiness Workshops and accessing the services available through the Resource Room, there was Zuri, who really cared about my success. In times of critical decision-making, every time I needed advice and guidance, I relied on Zuri as someone to trust.

After 1,500 job applications, 100+ networking events, 20 interviews…and 2 panic attacks, I finally found a job as a Manufacturing Associate. I worked hard each day, and networked with co-workers all over the company, which has a truly collaborative corporate culture. Before long, HR introduced me to a Hiring Manager, who invited me to apply for an opening in the Engineering Department.

Zuri, I can’t thank you enough for all your assistance, guidance, and support!”




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