KRA Customer Learns Value of Presentation

Sean Anthony’s experiences with other workforce development programs had led only to disappointment, frustration, and skepticism. But all that changed, in March 2014, when he met with Rhonda Feimster, KRA Career Agent at the PGWorks Employment & Training Program—operated by KRA Corporation for the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services.

Anthony, 45, was there to enroll in the Non-Custodial Parent Employment Program, which provides job-placement assistance for individuals struggling with child-support obligations due to lack of employment.

The content, format, and present-tense style of Anthony’s two-page resume were not representing his knowledge, skills, and abilities in the best light.  After Feimster edited the resume, it was a much better reflection of  his capabilities—all on one page.

Without Internet access at home, Feimster invited Anthony to use a KRA computer to continue his  job-search.  In less than 3 weeks, he was contacted by a trucking company for a first interview, then a second, followed by in-depth background screening.

Sean Anthony

Sean Anthony

In May, a beaming Anthony visited Feimster, informing her he had been hired full-time as a Driver, earning almost three times the local-area minimum wage!  Thanking Feimster, Anthony stated, ”The resume you revised for me got me the job!  I was skeptical about this program, but you sure proved me wrong!”