KRA Customer Employed With Career Fair Sponsor!

For the DC Department of Social Services (DSS), KRA Corporation operates two Workforce Development and Placement Programs for TANF recipients: “Work Readiness” for participants who need intensive job-readiness preparation, and “Job Development” for those who are work-ready—like Chaun Frost, who returned to KRA in January 2014, after a 3-month “bridge” position as an Administrative Assistant.

With a Master’s in Business Administration, Chaun knew that she was over-qualified for that job, but at the time a paying position, even a temporary one, was better than no position at all.  With Olivia Vaughns, KRA Job Developer, Chaun refocused her Individual Responsibility Plan, part of which was to attend a Career Fair sponsored by DSS sister-agency, the DC Department of Human Services (DHS).

Consequently, Chaun did find a job—as a Vocational Development Specialist—with DHS, the Career Fair sponsor!  Vaughns reported, “Chaun started work April 21st, and we are really pleased that she is able to apply her knowledge and skills to the fullest extent.  As a professional Vocational Development Specialist, she is determining participants’ eligibility for DHS case management, career counseling, and training-program services—very similar services to those that KRA provides our DSS-referred customers!”