KRA Customer Discovers It's Not Too Late for Success

Staff of the VIEW (Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare) Program, KRA-operated for the Norfolk Department of Human Services, were elated when eight customers graduated Tidewater Community College’s (TCC) Job Skills Training Program (JSTP), which employs an award-winning, comprehensive approach to work-focused education.

For Regina Robinson, 50, the journey to self-sufficiency was life-changing, speaking at the Graduation Ceremony on how enrolling in KRA/VIEW, and attending TCC/JSTP, not only afforded her the opportunity to pursue a career, but also to “find herself and to grow.”

Regina Speaking at the Graduation Ceremony

Regina Speaking at the Graduation Ceremony

Unemployed for many years, and older than her KRA/VIEW Job Readiness Program classmates, Regina confided to Kathy Confer, Educational Developer Instructor, that she really loved working with people, but feared it might be too late for a career in a helping profession.

Convinced by Kathy that she couldn’t give up before she even started, Regina enrolled in the TCC/JSTP Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program, discovering that only was it not too late, but that such an accomplishment later in life makes you appreciate and value it even more.

Regina graduated—achieving the highest class-average grades—obtained employment as a CNA, and now intends to advance in her new career by enrolling in TCC to become an RN!  Way to go, Regina!!