KRA CTWorks Fundraising Update

Last month, it was reported that KRA staff from the North Central Region’s CTWorks Program had set a goal to raise $3,000 by December 14, 2012, for a very deserving cause, the Hartford Area United Way 2012 Fundraising Campaign.  To accomplish the goal, staff from the four offices devised several unique “fun-raising” activities, with a couple of events culminating in the naming of team and individual fundraising winners at the end of the campaign.

One activity, Dress-Up Jeans Day, encouraged staff to come to work each Friday, up to October 31st, in exchange for a $5 contribution each day they “dressed up”.  Another activity, which started October 1st and runs through November 9th, is the Paper T-Shirt Contest, wherein staff pay $1 for each ‘T-shirt” and then decorate them with color, messages, etc.  At the end, one staffer from each of the four offices will be chosen for their creativity, and will receive a $10 gift card.  So far, the two activities have raised $843.

All of KRA is proud of this totally volunteer challenge undertaken by the KRA/CTWorks staff, and wishes them every success in meeting their goal.  Progress made toward the goal will continue to be reported over the next couple of months.