KRA Coordinates Major Recruitment Strategy for Tesla Motors

Alameda County - Tesla Motors LogoThe KRA Alameda County Business Development Group (BDG) has been uniquely positioned to spearhead the Alameda County WIB’s effort to assist Tesla Motors with filling 400 production-assembly positions. Tesla, one of the largest employers in the Bay area, is an automotive and energy-storage firm that designs, manufactures, and sells luxury electric cars, electric-vehicle power-train components, and battery products.

Pamela Carnes, Program Manager, reports, “This project provides an exciting opportunity for KRA/BDG to coordinate a large recruitment and screening effort, locally with the East Bay Works Regional group’s 15 locations, providing great service to a new business customer, and boosting the Alameda and Contra Costa Counties’ local economies.  Nationally, as a workforce-services provider, KRA is sourcing candidates from our programs across the country for talent willing to relocate to the west coast.

Using a myriad of recruitment strategies, including online sources, our goal is to supply Tesla a steady pipeline of qualified candidates with construction-trade skills sets and/or experience working with equipment, machinery, and tools relevant to the  manufacturing/assembly industry.”