KRA Continuous Quality Improvement in Action

CQI ImageAs part of its CQI Plan, the KRA/TANF Employment Program (TEP), operated for the DC Department of Human Services, conducts ongoing assessments of key program elements to provide its jobseekers and employers the highest possible level of quality customer service.

Responding to the results of an analysis of jobseeker educational attainment, KRA/TEP instructional staff participated in a program, offered by the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education, receiving  Implementation Training, eTest Online Coordinator Certification, and eTest Online Proctor Certification related to the administration of  “foundational educational credentialing” programs.

Now trained and certified, KRA/TEP Instructors are better prepared to guide jobseekers who lack high-school credentials through the GED system, which since 2014 has been totally administered online.

As a result of this innovative program improvement, KRA/TEP jobseekers who succeed in obtaining GEDs greatly increase their opportunities for sustainable employment, meeting both our business customers’ job-skills’ specifications and minimum educational requirements.



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