KRA Continues to Maximize the Power of Public Service Program

Tacara Scott, who is 29, and single with one child, was totally focused on her goal of financial independence when she enrolled in the Norfolk KRA/VIEW (Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare) Program on January 3, 2012.  She had attended Tidewater Community College, majoring in  Business Management, and had prior work experience with a law firm as an Administrative Assistant.  However, Cora Brown-Campbell, KRA Career Agent, knew this was not enough for Tacara to be competitive in today’s job market; she needed more recent work experience on her new resume.  So, following a comprehensive Needs Assessment, Brown-Campbell placed Tacara in the KRA/VIEW Public Service Program (PSP) on March 5, 2012, with DePaul Hospital as an Information Service Worker, under the supervision of Janice Savage, Patient Information Department.

 “Because of Tacara’s previous administrative education and work experience, she was a perfect fit for DePaul,” Brown-Campbell reported.  “She was in the PSP position about a month when Ms. Savage offered her permanent, fulltime employment effective May 14, 2012.  But, Tacara was a smoker, and the hospital has a ‘no-exceptions’ employee non-smoking policy.  Determined to be hired, Tacara quit smoking, and prior to hiring was given a blood test to determine the presence of nicotine in her system.  Tacara was nicotine-free and got the job!”

Brown-Campbell concluded, “Tacara is well on the way to achieving her goal of financial independence. We talked recently, and she told me that she ‘loves’ the job at DePaul.  She also plans to continue her education at Bryant and Stratton College to study Criminal Justice. She explained that both her Business Management education and her experience with the law firm opened her eyes to the career options available in the Criminal Justice field.  I’ve seen her determination first-hand, so I know she will achieve her long-range career goals, and I’m pleased the KRA/VIEW was the catalyst she needed.”