KRA Continues to Lead the Way in Workforce Development

The intent of the e-mail from KRA President & CEO, Knowlton R. Atterbeary, was to provide a welcome message, an agenda, and logistics information for the first KRA Workforce Leadership Retreat, convening later in the month. It was to read, “I am pleased that we have the opportunity to convene our Retreat in Nevada to support KRA’s two State clients, Nevadaworks and WorkforceConnections, which is headquartered in Las Vegas.

However, on October 6, 2017, Mr. Atterbeary amended his message to include, “In light of Monday’s tragic mass shooting at an outdoor concert event, I am also pleased that KRA is in a position to support the Las Vegas community-at-large, including our valuable workforce partners throughout the region.”

Mr. Atterbeary, seated center, with KRA Workforce Leadership Team

Mr. Atterbeary, seated center, with KRA Workforce Leadership Team

As a National Leader in Workforce Development Services, KRA provides its business partners with trained and reliable WIOA- and TANF-enrolled jobseekers, who have been prepared with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to succeed in today’s competitive workplace. However, a well-known saying reminds us that “charity begins at home…”, so the workforce that KRA is continuously developing is our own.

Motivated by a theme of Innovative Leadership. Exceptional Leadership. Trusted Leadership. the 3-day Retreat focused on strategic planning, primarily related to the efforts of our Program Management and Continuous Quality Improvement Teams, including the distribution of a newly revised and updated KRA Quality Service Manual for their review and discussion. In addition, participants delivered several insightful presentations, including Our Corporate Culture and The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback.

Joseph Seymour, KRA Coordinator for Staff Development & Training, concluded, “The Retreat was a total success; it proved to be a great time of ‘corporate rejuvenation’, as we rekindled our connection and our commitment to KRA’s Vision, Mission, and Values.”


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