KRA Congratulates Prize-Winning YES Student

“Mr. O”, a Youth Employability & Success program participant and Lake Taylor High School senior, has a passion…and talent!…for photography. From February 7th to the 11th, his work was displayed at the Hampton Roads Student Gallery in the d’Art Center. In addition, he was won several awards and prizes, including “Most Valuable Picture” bestowed by the Norfolk Public Schools (NPS) system, as well as a 2nd place recognition for black-and-white photography last year fromthe NPS. Most recently, Mr. O put his passion to work for a charitable event held at Norfolk State University where he donated several photographs to the local Veteran’s Club (the Club) to sell for a Valentine’s Day fundraiser.  The Club’s members are very active in educational and other community activities and events, including mentoring students at local schools, awarding scholarships, visiting the elderly in nursing homes, sponsoring special programs for Veterans, and more. The fundraiser proved to be a win-win situation for all involved: the Club received a much-needed $250 from the sale of the donated photos; Mr. O received much-deserved recognition for both his talent and his altruism; and the students in attendance were exposed to a real-life, peer-level role model. In fact, some students were so impressed with Mr. O’s work, they asked for his business card…which he decided is a necessity for future events. After graduation, Mr. O’s focus will be on Photography at Tidewater Community College, with a planned transfer to William and Mary.