KRA Congratulates its Prince George’s County Partner on 5-Year Anniversary

Employ Prince George’s is one of KRA’s most valued nonprofit client-partners, whom we support in the delivery of youth-focused workforce services in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Joseph Seymour, KRA Managing Director, Operational Excellence; Mr. Simmons; Patrick Boxall, KRA Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer

Earlier this month, the organization celebrated a milestone, under the brilliant leadership of Walter Simmons, President & CEO, with its 5 Year Anniversary Gala.

The theme, She Has Experience (S.H.E.), highlighted innovative women leaders in business/entrepreneurship, entertainment/mass media, government/non-profit management—and more, whose contributions have enabled Employ Prince George’s to make an indelible impact on the economy of the County and surrounding area.

Melody Daniel, Program Director, commented, “What a superb opportunity to see women in the workforce celebrated, sharing gems on what it takes to excel in today’s business environment. I was honored to be among some of my SHEROES!”

Proceeds from the Gala will support Employ Prince George’s partnership with Milestones Elevation Community Development to help women in the County achieve economic success.

Mr. Seymour, Mr. Boxall, Ms. Daniel, Mr. Colbert

A scheduling conflict prevented our President & CEO, Knowlton R. Atterbeary, from attending; however, along with Ms. Daniel, Mr. Seymour, and Mr. Boxall,  Derrick Colbert, Director, Strategic Partnerships participated.

KRA’s first partnership with Employ Prince George’s began when he and Ms. Daniel met at the May 2019 NAWDP Conference, and…Read More Here!

Over the coming years, KRA anticipates continuing to collaborate with Mr. Simmons and the Employ Prince George’s team on initiatives and programs that improve the lives of individuals and their families, strengthening the communities we serve.

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