KRA Commended for Work With Probationers

Recently, Gary Fletcher, Program Director for the three KRA/Resource One-Stop Career Centers in the Greater Richmond area, received a letter of commendation from Diane Wilkins, an Offender Workforce Development Specialist with the Chesterfield Women’s Detention & Diversion Center Programs, Department of Corrections (DOC), Commonwealth of Virginia.  KRA has DOC’s permission to share the letter with our readers.

Attention: KRA Director, Case Managers, & Representatives

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the many services that you have provided for our probationers at the Chesterfield Women’s Detention and Diversion Center.  The women have a renewed sense of hope as they explore the many opportunities that are offered them through your efforts.  They look forward to every workshop.

These many opportunities include workshops related to independent living and job seeking with the ability to look for employment and resources in the various areas from which they reside.  Other workshops have included email etiquette along with the ability to establish an email account so that they may apply for employment with potential employers having the ability to respond to them.  Each attendee receives a bonding letter which is an excellent tool to encourage employers to hire them as this insures them up to $5000.

The wealth of information provided through KRA’s visits to our facility as well as the visits our ladies have at their local center has been a tremendous support to us at Chesterfield Women’s Detention and Diversion Center.  Providing the students with access to the internet has definitely been a very helpful tool and unique opportunity.  We have been thoroughly pleased with our relationship with KRA as a resource and partner as we prepare our women for reentry to society.


Diane Wilkins

Offender Workforce Development Specialist