KRA Chosen as Horseshoe Casino Baltimore Legendary Academy Partner – Part 3

As previously reported, KRA Corporation’s Work Participation, Placement, and Support Services Program* was chosen as a Legendary Candidates Academy Partner in a citywide outreach effort launched by Horseshoe Casino Baltimore—in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office on Employment Development—that will lead to ultimately filling 1,700 new Casino positions.

Yvette Clark, Business Services Manager, and member of the Board of Directors of the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce, and Nate’ Gordon, Corporate Operations Manager, attended a training program to learn about Advertisement/Promotion, Screening/Vetting, Training, Interviewing, Selection, and Hiring in preparation for operating the Academy.

KRA will host a 2-day, 6-hour Academy at least twice during March and April, and is currently screening jobseeker-customers enrolled in the Baltimore program, with the goal of accommodating at least 200 candidates.  Though the Academy is open to all candidates, the Casino is concentrating on Dealer positions first, with non-gaming jobs to follow.

Clark reported recently, “We have already found a candidate who was has been offered the opportunity to apply for a Dealer position!  She completed her Academy through another Legendary Partner, which was closer to her home, and was contacted by the Casino to continue the screening process. We are all excited that she could be KRA/Baltimore’s first placement-hire!”

The Legendary Candidates Academy is a proprietary job-prep program providing information about the requirements for various Casino positions, outlining the pre-employment process, underscoring Casino emphasis on exceptional customer service, and preparing candidates for position-specific interviews.

Candidates who receive a Certificate of Completion are given preference when online applications are reviewed, and decisions are made as to who will be sent the link to continue with the online HireVue interview.  Later in the screening process, candidates must pass a hair-strand drug test and have no record of crimes of moral turpitude for the past 7 years to continue to be considered for employment.

KRA looks forward to providing periodic updates on the success of the Casino’s unprecedented hiring effort, in general, and the KRA/Baltimore Academy, in particular.

*Operated for the Baltimore City Department of Social Services, KRA offers jobseeker-customers receiving Temporary Cash Assistance benefits a wide range of workforce development services, including comprehensive assessments, unsubsidized Community Work Experience opportunities, Occupational Skills Training for several local in-demand industries, and job placement.