KRA Celebrates Women’s Contributions to the Development of the U.S. Workforce

Since 1987, March has been designated as Women’s History Month (WHM), an observance that celebrates the often-overlooked contributions of women to every facet of U.S. culture, history, and society.

As a national operator of Career Services Programs for WIOA-, TANF-, and ARPA-funded clients, KRA excels in providing workforce-development services that prepare jobseekers for today’s competitive job marketplace.

Since 1981, supporting women in the workforce has been in the forefront of the company.  Initiatives such as KRA’s Leadership Edge Academy, professional membership benefits, wellness programs, Employee Experience Surveys, and expansion of paid-leave benefits, continue to foster a culture of growth, career development, and equity.

Today, KRA is operated 74% by women. Over the span of 42 years’ service, KRA has witnessed the progression and real-life impact of developing women for the U.S. workforce!

Red Kap—a manufacturer of “affordable, innovative workwear”, and kind of a data-driven barometer, i.e., decrease or increase in orders for women’s apparel in eight major U.S. industries—has done an excellent job of chronicling the role of women in the development of the American workforce.

“More women workers = a better economy. According to the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, when more women are in the workforce, economies tend to grow more than when they are not…there’s a direct correlation between the women’s labor force participation and gross domestic product, which is a sign of economic health.”

For the full fascinating Red Kap article, click History of Women in the Workforce.

Below are some additional resources with educational and eye-opening insights about Women’s plight for equality in the workforce:

KRA remains steadfast in its dedication to making a positive, truly life-altering impact to assist women in increasing their participation in the workforce, which is vital to their own development, that of their families and communities, and the U.S. economy in general.

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